Youtube and a Guzzi in Bolivia

I love youtube! A friend introduced me to youtube a while back. He would charge into my house and say, 'you have to look at this'; paraglider crashing (he's a paraglider enthusiast), mighty boosh skit or flight of the condors and whatever else he had discovered. It was great the only downside was he would burn through my monthly bandwidth in the space of one visit. I had to upgrade my connection to cope with his visits and my growing fascination with Youtube.

I love how Mosman have utilised online podcasts to provide people with 24/7 access to author talks. We are hoping to do the same at our Library; we have a recently purchased a dvd camera and are currently in the process of up-skilling so that we can capture, edit and upload footage onto our site.

With regards to the below video it show's a Dutch guy and his partner riding a classic 1970's Moto Guzzi across Bolivia. Magic stuff, the sound of the vtwin guzzi burbling away in the background as a surreal landscape passes by. What am I doing at my desk; alas earning money to do something like my Dutch friend. I guess the good thing about Youtube is that it acts as a catalyst for ideas, in a similar way to a library come to think of it! A repository of information on a wide breadth of human experience. You never know what mad idea will be hatched on your next visit!

I am about to book a trip to NZ for a motorcycle trip around the South Island with a group of like minded adventurers, perhaps this will be my first upload onto Youtube.


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