I'm a bit of a google man and use picassa for my web pics. I have used Flickr in the past to source creative common images for marketing material. Out of interest I searched the picassa database of photos and compared it to the Flickr database. On the subjects chosen Flickr's surpassed picassa with numbers of hits for all searches.

Mosman's use of Flickr is a great example of how a library can gain leverage from internet 2.0 technologies. I recall at the last reference seminar the Mosman Library IT staff member listed a host of internet 2.0 projects (blogs, wiki's flickr etc) : very impressive. One factor that helps Mosman is that they have a dedicated Library IT staff member. I think it is important that libraries look at their staff structure and modify it accordingly to meet the new demands. Unfortunately at my library we lost our dedicated IT staff member a few years back (reabsorbed back into council IT department), this left a gulf in skills which I have tried to breach however; I still look after information services, corporate services and the Library management system. I guess one benefit of the learning library 2.0 project is that a wider group of staff will at a minimum be aware of internet 2.0 technologies and for some be interested and proactive in deploying new initiatives.

Anyway, back to Flick, I had a look at the groups feature which is great! Thought i would create a group of my own: . Yes, its about motorbikes!

Now the whole creative commons concept is brilliant, particularly in our corporatised world. This i think is the real strength of internet 2.0, allowing anybody to get their work out into a public forum and allowing the creator to decide how their art is utilised.


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