My friend RSS

I decided not to set up a a bloglines account as I have been using Google reader for a year or so and do not want to complicate my life further with more accounts and passwords. One of the problems with internet 2 and life in general; you end up with a long list of accounts. It is however good mental stimulation; I have around 20 passwords that I can recall as required. A skill that I have developed; 10years ago I struggled to remember my atm card pin.

RSS is a great way to keep up to date with developments in your profession or areas of personal interest. What I have learnt over the past year is that you need to be ruthless with your subscriptions otherwise you end up with information overload. Some feeds provide informative news grabs that are always interesting, others vary in quality and the end up being deleted from my list of feeds.

I know that our organisation is looking at rolling out a new sophisticated intranet which will be RSS enabled. From the perspective of a Corporate Librarian for my organisation I look forward to creating specific RSS feed profiles for key staff in the organisation. I know that the parliamentary libraries already do this.

And now for a completely unrelated image of a motorcycle for you to ponder!


snowflake said…
I LOVE your blog, it looks great I am very jealous mine is BORING !!! Love your bike too.some serious grunt there !!

Ross said…
Thanks Shauna, I have really enjoyed creating this blog, even though a lot of the content is of dubious relevance to the subject at hand. It's just nice to experiment, I have had some prior experience with blogs however; I have still learnt a few tricks via learning 2.0. Happy to assist you with any tips etc.

iNinja said…
Keep up the good work, Ross! It's looking good... and to snowflake: hey, it's a start.

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