I had a dream....

Oh yes the motorbike of the week: Moto Guzzi Claifornia. When I was a kid I was an avid reader of my older brothers motorcycle magazines. I loved to read the test reviews of the latest bikes. I recall reading the article about the Guzzi California, the reviewer raved about the bike and wrote an evocative article about riding the Cali around Perth and the surrounding hinterland. That was it, I wasn't just sold on the Cali but also the enhanced concept of motorcycling and the associated freedom and adventure on offer. Unfortunately my parents didn't agree and alas I had to wait until I was 20 before I owned my first bike (an xl 250). You would imagine that at some point in the 20 years proceeding this I would have purchased a California. Alas I came close but for a lack of money at the time It didn't happen. I ended up with a Moto Guzzi Quota which offered a different experience, but that's another story. I'm not sure if I will ever own a Cali, sometimes dreams are best left alone. Like Plato's allegory of the cave where he implies that the world revealed by our senses is not the real world but only a poor copy. The California that I fell in love with as a kid was the perfect embodiment of a motorcycle, I think deep down I'm afraid to tarnish the concept with reality!


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