Lake Cargelligo

Lake Cargelligo, originally uploaded by Rossco2008.

We arrived at Lake Cargelligo and dropped into the local visitor information centre. The volunteer in the info centre was fantastic and recommended that we camp at the weir; 20km out of town. Before we headed off we dropped by the local pub for a beer and a 6 pack of old. Life was good!

I was surprised to see that the lake was full. The volunteer in the centre referred to a natural disaster in the area over the last Christmas period when the whole area was flooded. The road leaving town was still being repaired from the damage of the floods. This was a land of extremities! Supposedly a number of dropouts live around this area. People who have opted out of society to live a simple life; occasionally coming into town to collect their social security payment and buy suppliers. Well that's what a friend said who worked in the mines around here? The life of the hermit has it's appeal, but I'm sure it's a hard path to take.


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