Free to use, great to see and farewell learning 2.0

Productivity software is a fantastic concept. I have been using Google apps for nearly 2 years now to host and administer the Corporate Librarians group and Biblio Turismo. It allows me to set up a domain and administer email accounts, create intranets and webpages, plus provide many other great features to members of the respective groups and it's absolutely free. I hear that applications are also free.

I like the look of the new breed of minimilaist mini laptops that are hitting the market at the moment, if i buy one I think I will run Linux and use openoffice suite of tools instead of the conventional propriety applications from Microsoft.

Perhaps we need a free open source Library Management System; does one exist already? I excule Librarything from the LMS category as it is a bit too fluffy and short on sophisticated features.

As for the social network sites, well they created all the fuss from the onset. Myspace and face book are obviously very popular and I note that a lot of libraries have set up accounts. Also note that most library profiles do not appear to be very active or well utilised (i.e. with respect to members). I use a forum site ADV rider for motorcycle related issues and I get more value from that than I do from facebook or myspace. I guess because it is a single subject focused site.

Anyway learning 2.0 was a great course, thanks to those at the SLNSW for getting it up and running. I know a lot of people have really enjoyed this course and the outcome will be a seen shortly at Public Libraries throughout NSW.


pls@slnsw said…
The course seems to have built on the tools you were already using extensively.

There are some open source LMS's out there - have a look at this link

I am glad you enjoyed the course.

Ellen (PLS)
Ross said…
Thanks for the info Ellen. i will investigate!


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