The beginning

Well the title of my blog is rather absurd; heck I was in a hurry and everything else I tried was taken. But it does reflect my two passions, motorcycle's and Libraries; the existential component is my ongoing attempt to reconcile these two divergent worlds. Unfortunately I have had little success selling my express motorcycle home library service to the powers that be.

I have been blogging for a few years now, primarily using this technology in a work environment. We have had a lot of success with blogs, our readers advisory blog has over 400 hits per month. So whilst the blog component is nothing new I am excited about being introduced to some of the other web 2.0 tools which I have only explored at a very basic level.

Full credit to the Public Libraries branch of the SLNSW for rolling this initiative out!!!


CatyJ said…
Hey Ross, I love the title of your blog. Having studied Existentialism / Albert Camus at Uni oh so many years ago I got a real giggle out of you title and post.
It is always such a struggle to reconcile the many worlds we live in!
pls@slnsw said…
Dear Ross

I'm glad the program will give you an opportunity to explore new Web tools, as well as fine tune the ones you are already using.

And I love the idea of a motorbike HLS - keep working on that one.

Jenn Martin said…
Gotta love the idea of a motorcycling librarian's blog with an ontological bent!

Maybe you need to add a zen koan about motorcycles and libraries at the end of each post :)

I can't see how a motorcycle Home Library Service would be bad, it would be just like an Australian Post run (and they use motocycles)!

Plus we could film the whole thing and put it up on youtube!

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